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Population rise, food insecurity major challenges facing Africa — Osinbajo

The Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo on Monday in New York identified Africa’s rising population, inadequate food production and trans-human conflicts as major menace threatening the foundation of African Continent.

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He made the statement at an interactive session hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a think-tank.

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He also said the huge development challenges facing Nigeria and the rest of Africa were “excellent opportunities for groundbreaking investments and innovation”.

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The areas of concern he listed include agriculture, manufacturing and technology as well as security, and the challenges of terrorism, violent Islamic extremism, social exclusion and resource conflicts.

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Osinbajo noted that what happened in the four areas in the continent in the coming years would impact positively or negatively on the fortunes of the world

NAN quoted him as saying, “The doomsday scenario is as follows: Africa’s population grows exponentially, food production is not able to match population growth, a rise in trans-human conflicts due to shrinking vegetation and water

“Lack of jobs and opportunity for a large poorly educated youth population, leading to aggressive illegal migration, vulnerability to extremism and, the creation of a convenient breeding ground for extremist groups and a terrorist launch pad to the rest of the world

“A horrifying situation indeed, and possible if in the next three decades Africa drops the ball on these four indicators

“Neither Africa nor the rest of the world can afford to have these scenarios playing out.”

Osinbajo stated that being the most populous nation in the continent, Nigeria had a critical role to play in those four areas