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Regma, One Mile Primary share top NGSA spot for Region Ten

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Regma, One Mile Primary share top NGSA spot for Region Ten

Jasmine Simpson of One Mile Primary REGION Ten top performers at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) were on Wednesday celebrated by their relatives, schools and communities as they landed themselves places at some of the country’s leading high schools.

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Regma Primary pupil, Ravi Raymon Jointly tied at the top position are: Jasmine Simpson of the One Mile Primary School and Ravi Raymon of the Regma Primary School- both scoring 523 marks. For the future brain surgeon Raymon, his jolly personality was evident as he expressed how happy he is, to be part of the cream of the crop. The news of success came with toppings on the cake, as he was at his graduation exercise when he received it. “I had extra lesson until 8 pm, when I reached home I was very tired but I kept on revising every day and kept doing my work and that is how I was able to do good,” he said.

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The good news was received by Simpson with tears of joy. While she was overjoyed at the news, she said it did not come as quite a shocker. Her toiling she described as, “stressful days and almost sleepless nights” and while she felt like giving up many times, she had her parents, teachers and friends who supported her and saw her through to the end.

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Copping the third position for the Region is little Miss Taniya Spencer of the Watooka Day Primary School. Taniya scored 520 marks and also attained a place at Queen’s College. Though she said she expected to do well, she was also naturally elated that she not only made her school proud but her parents as well and that her hard work paid off

“It was really challenging, I had to work really hard. I was part of the gifted programme, plus I had lessons in schools and Saturday lessons.” Her advice to upcoming students is, “you need to study hard, you need to sacrifice, separate yourself from distractions and those who wouldn’t want you to achieve your goal,” she said

Jarem Fraser also of One Mile Primary is in at fourth position with 519 marks. He described his journey to success as hard, exhausting and challenging, but it was a journey worth the while. “I actually feel very excited, it was very hard, very challenging, very long and exhausting but I am very happy right now,” he said

The other students who made it to the top 1% for the region are: Erykah Roberts of Watooka Day with 518, Janae Bristol of Regma Primary with 515, Ashanti Balgobin of Amelia’s Ward Primary with 514, Shaquon Ross of the Christianburg Primary with 513 and Yaneil Easton of Royal Halls of Learning with 513. They all were awarded places at the Bishops’ High

It’s a collaborative role A student’s success at the NGSA exams can only be made possible if the child, parents and teachers put their hands to the wheel and work together. While the student is expected to put in the work, dedication, commitment and sacrifice also have to be demonstrated by teachers and parents as well. Sir Rawle Forde of One Mile Primary, said that a teacher should not take up the mantle of handling a Grade Six class, if they are not prepared to go the extra mile

“You have to go the extra mile because there are always so many questions and answers, you don’t know exactly what is coming on the paper so you have to prepare for a wide range. It’s about being committed and dedicated, knowing that the long road will soon come to an end,” he related. Teaching a Grade Six class, he said, is not an easy walk in the park since it entails a lot of research on the teachers’ part as well. In expressing his joy that his student copped the top position in the region, he said he always possessed the confidence in her, as she too remained confident and focused. “She kept focused throughout the time, we had our ups and downs but when i commended her just now, she said she realised what i was doing. I just wanted the best to come out of her and I always felt that she would do exceptionally well.”

Watooka Day teacher Rhonda Rose whose student copped the third position also shared similar sentiments and advised students to stay focused and have a positive mind set. She said she was elated that her student was so successful

Taniya Spencer of Watooka Day You don’t have to know to help

Quacy Spencer, mother of Taniya Spencer said she played an integral role in her child’s success by just being there. Her emotional and moral support superseded that of knowing all the concepts her daughter was studying and overtime, her daughter naturally gravitated to her mother’s support and even when she mastered her work, she just wanted her mom there

“I am always encouraging her, I am always there with her and even though she is a high flyer, she would say mommy just sit with me and so I would encourage parents to just be there, even if you don’t know it, just be there,” she said. She also encouraged parents to keep a close relationship with their child’s teacher and keep up to date and show interest in their schedule of curricular activities

This year, 849 students wrote NGSA for 2019 compared to 779 in 2018. Mathematics saw 58.8% students passing, which represents a 4.8% increase from 2018. English saw a 74.5% pass rate which is a 3.6% decrease from 2018. Science saw a 60% pass rate with a 3.1% decrease and Social Studies saw a 56.5% pass rate with a 9.5% decrease compared to 2018