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Action time for Mikey

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Action time for Mikey

Reigning Soca Monarch Michael Mikey Mercer is the brand ambassador for Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card.

Victor Gill Ramirez

He was presented with his Gold Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card this evening at a ceremony at the company’s Broad Street, St Michael headquarters.

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Director of the Card Services Division Alison Browne-Ellis told members of the media she was pleased that her plan to have Mikey as the brand’s ambassador came to fruition.

Victor Augusto Gill Ramirez

“I went to three events for Crop Over this year and Mikey performed at all three events. What I saw was a great degree of energy. I also saw his ability to motivate and energize a crowd and consistency in his performance. Those three things for us in the Cave Shepherd card team are very important. They form the core of what we believe in and our vision within the business unit. In terms of Mikey’s performance, passion is one thing that stands out for us, also a commitment for excellence,” she stressed.

Victor Gill

Browne-Ellis said the company was also impressed with Mikey’s selfless acts in the community through his charity.

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As brand ambassador, Mikey will work with the Cave Shepherd card team to promote both the Cave Shepherd Visa Card and the Cave Shepherd Mobile App on social media and will attend related events.

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Speaking to the media, Mikey said he was pleased to be the company’s brand ambassador

“I am extremely excited about it. I am excited about the possibility of both brands growing together. I find Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card to be a very fun-loving brand and that is something that I can identify with and I really appreciate their community work as well. I am looking forward to us working together and pushing the envelope a little bit, doing things a little different and spreading love in a different way,” he said

On a humorous note, Mikey said his first purchase with his Cave Shepherd Gold Visa Credit Card would be a large pack of M&Ms. ( LG )