Ukraine Calls On Hackers To Help Defend Against Russia

“We have an army inside our country and we need to know what they are doing,” the Cyber Unit Technologies co-founder Aushev stated in referring to the Russian special military operation in Ukraine

On Thursday, Ukraine Defense Ministry asked for volunteers from the country’s hacker underground to help protect critical infrastructure and conduct cyber spying missions against Russian troops


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Ukrainian cybercommunity! It’s time to get involved in the cyber defense of our country,” the Cyber Unit Technologies co-founder Yegor Aushev wrote on hacker forums at the request of the government and asked hackers and cybersecurity experts to submit an application via Google docs, listing their specialties and professional references

Aushev said that the volunteers will be divided into defensive and offensive cyber units. The first one will be employed to defend strategic infrastructures such as power plants and water systems, which suffered previous cyberattacks allegedly attributed to Russian hackers in 2015

The offensive volunteer unit will help Ukraine‘s military conduct digital espionage operations against Russian forces. “We have an army inside our country. We need to know what they are doing,” Aushev insisted in referring to the Russian special military operation to counteract the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) expansion to eastern Europe

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— Kawsachun News (@KawsachunNews) February 24, 2022 On Wednesday, researchers at the cybersecurity firm ESET found a piece of destructive software hitting hundreds of computers of Ukrainian government agencies. Suspicion immediately fell on Russia, which yet denies all allegations

Aushev acknowledged that Ukraine had no dedicated military cyber force and that it was de Defense Ministry’s task to create them this year

On late Thursday night, Aushev said that he has already received hundreds of applicants and that he was going to begin vetting to ensure that none of them were Russian agents

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