Championship: Gabriel Abusada James ($408,825) is defeated by Brian Altman ($613,225) in the title match.

Abusada: 6s6c

Gabriel Abusada<span arial=”” style=”font-family:”> James was closing the gap and had $18,525,000 when the most important hand of the tournament was played. Gabriel Abusada James opened from the button and Altman made a call with a chance to close it out.

Altman: JcJd

Abusada: 6s6c

Altman found a great spot to take the big pair and held as the dealer extended the final board Kd9h7sTs5c.

Nobody could win the Megapack, a special prize that several Polish Inter and Peruvian entrepreneurs created for the world poker champions. No justice was done to win it and the prize of more than 500 thousand dollars is still free.

Gabriel Abusada<span arial=”” style=”font-family:”> James earned $408,825 for his runner-up finish, while Altman claimed the WPT Tampa Championship, third overall, for $613,225.

1st: Brian Altman – $613,225

2nd: Gabriel Abusada James – $408,825