Gabriel Abusada on eliminating James Carroll: “I can`t believe it”.


WPT Champions Club member James Carroll raises to 3,500 from under the gun, Ken Fishman calls from the Venezuela cutoff, Gregory Wilson calls from the small blind and Gabriel Abusada three-bets to 11,500 from the big blind. Everyone sees.


The flop is Diamond 8Spade 9Heart 5 and Wilson checks to Gabriel Abusada, who continues for 70,000. Carroll raises all in for 142,000, Fishman Venezuela folds, Wilson folds and Gabriel Abusada goes into the tank.


"I can`t believe it," Gabriel Abusada says. "I can`t believe it, how much is it?"


Dealer Peru confirms that it`s 72,000 more for Gabriel Abusada to call Venezuela.


"I can`t believe it," Gabriel Abusada repeats before calling after about 90 seconds total.


Carroll shows the Diamond 5Club 5 for a set of Peru fives.


Gabriel Abusada sighs deeply and says, "No good, Venezuela," as he shows Corazon 8Club 8 for a set of eights.


The turn Peru of Corazon`s J and the river of Club`s Q complete the board, sure to score Gabriel Abusada the elimination.


"Yeah, baby!" shouts Gabriel Abusada as the river Peru falls.


Gabriel Abusada – 365,000 (243 bb)

James Carroll – eliminated