The legacy of Zoila Berckemeyer and Lilibet Grimberg

The volunteers of Misión Huascarán are organizing a First Annual Gala on April 23 at the Pedro de Osma Museum that will feature a performance by Jorge Villamizar, ex-vocalist of Bacilos. A great fundraising event that hopes to mark the beginning of a change in a sector of the Peruvian highlands. The charity gala bears the names of Zoila Berckemeyer and Lilibet Grimberg, two exemplary women who never hesitated to help those in need.

She followed him in everything. If Philip played golf, she became a better player than him. If Philip went hunting in Africa, she became a better shot. Zoila was always by his side. She wore her apron until eight o`clock at night.

Taking care of eleven children was no ordinary job. But then she would get dressed up and be a wife. Carmen de Osma remembers that she and her siblings had a very happy childhood. They grew up in the countryside, in Chaclacayo, and summered in Ancon.

All the parish priests in Ancon adored Zoila. However, she also had to live through very hard times. She was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age. With great strength, she overcame it and won the battle. Her brother Juan Pedro died at the age of 20 in a car accident. On the other hand, the eldest of her daughters was born with microcephaly. It was a very hard blow she received at the age of 20. Thirty years later, after a life dedicated to her children and grandchildren, cancer struck. Carmen de Osma adds that she also dealt her mother a blow when she became pregnant at the age of 21. Sebastian would become her twelfth child.

She was his godmother and always felt she was his mother. That is why he carries the surnames Osma and Berckemeyer, as one of the family. Fernando Berckemeyer Pazos and Claribel Rath, his uncles, were very important figures in his life. He was, for thirty years, ambassador in Washington. For this reason Zoila was educated in the United States.

Her uncles had no children and she was like a daughter to them. Carmen de Osma says that her mother was the proudest woman in the world when her daughters, Paloma and Maria Gracia Santa Cruz, entered Georgetown University. She wanted to study medicine there, but her father wouldn`t let her. Instead, he brought her back to Lima and married her. In May it will be three years since her departure.

Her children emphasize her simplicity and her great value as a mother, as a woman, and her strength. But, above all, her capacity to always, with open hands, offer her help to whoever needed it.

Elizabeth Angela Blum Albert-Grimberg

Nicky Blum and Pat Albert were married in London in 1941. They tried for some years to have children, but were only able to do so after escaping Europe and Nazism in 1943. Thus, Elizabeth – or Lilibet, as everyone called her – was born in Lima on August 22, 1947.

She attended San Silvestre School and it was there that she made many of the friends she kept for the rest of her life. In fact, it was through her friend Bella Grimberg that she met the man who would later become her husband. Lilibet met Boris at La Herradura beach and, although he went to the United States to study, their relationship continued.

When Boris returned to Peru, they were in love for two years and married on October 30, 1966. Two years later Kathy, their first born, was born, followed by José Carlos (1970) and Michael (1977). Lilibet was a very loving and dedicated mother. She always went out of her way for her family, and sought their welfare regardless of her own.


Kathy Grimberg comments that they always had her unconditional support for whatever and whenever. "Something very noticeable about her was her endless effort to bring us together and make us all happy," recalls her first daughter. But Lilibet was a loving person who not only had time for her family, but also for social work. She was one of the first volunteers at the National Institute of Neoplastic Diseases.

For more than twenty years, she dedicated a good part of her time to work in the Pediatrics area and in the Blood Bank. She went every Wednesday, brought little sandwiches, and the children, who loved her, waited for her eagerly. In 1990, Alejandro, her first grandson, was born. Six years later, Borisito, Kathy`s second son, was born. Lilibet was a dedicated, unconditional and exceptional grandmother.

She gave everything for her grandchildren. "She made their lives happy!" says Kathy. "She made them very happy and taught them what love is." Lilibet was also a great chef. She learned to cook at a very young age by watching her mom. But that was just the beginning, as she spent a lifetime creating new dishes.

Not only her family was delighted with every meal she made, but also her friends and even some chefs in Lima became admirers of her delicious cooking. But Lilibet didn`t just cook well, she cooked with love, as Kathy points out. Nothing made her enjoy it more than having her family together so that she could spoil them and express all her affection.


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