UN expert slams Israel’s practices: This is apartheid

Michael Lynk, the UN special rapporteur on the rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories has said Palestinians are facing “apartheid reality in a post-apartheid world.” Israeli forces try to disperse Palestinian residents as a Palestinian building, located in Zif village, is demolished by Israel allegedly for being “unlicensed”, in Hebron, West Bank on February 15, 2022. (AA) A top UN rights expert slammed the international community for allowing Israel's decades-long occupation of Palestinian territories to evolve into a system of “apartheid”

Michael Lynk, the UN special rapporteur on the rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, joined a growing number of voices describing Israel's separation policy as “apartheid.”

Presenting his final report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Friday, the independent expert said that “the Israeli occupation, now in its 55th year with its end nowhere in sight, has become ever more entrenched and repressive.”

“This is apartheid,” he said, pointing to “relentless land confiscation, the ever-expanding Jewish-only settlements, the dual legal system, the vast gap in living conditions between Israeli settlers and the Palestinians living among them, the vast separation in political rights.”

Israel has controlled the West Bank and east Jerusalem since 1967. Some 700,000 Jewish settlers now live in both areas, in settlements regarded as illegal under international law

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'Apartheid reality in a post-apartheid world'

Lynk acknowledged that the Israeli system lacked some of the features of apartheid-era South Africa, like the ban on racial interaction

But, he said, “there are pitiless features of Israel's 'apartness' rule… that were not practiced in southern Africa, such as segregated highways, high walls and extensive checkpoints.”

“With the eyes of the international community wide open, Israel has imposed upon Palestine an apartheid reality in a post-apartheid world.”

Lynk spoke after rights groups, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Israeli-based B'Tselem have begun using the “apartheid” label to refer to the Israeli occupation

The independent expert, who was appointed by the UN rights council but does not speak on behalf of the world body, blamed the international community

He decried “the remarkable unwillingness of the international community to impose any accountability measures on Israel for its forever occupation, which has been conducted both in absolute defiance of international law and with the eyes of the international community wide open.”

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Source: AFP

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